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Skeptics in the Craps World and Will the real Madprofessor Please stand up!
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So is the madprofessot a live or dead?
So when did the madprofessor fall off the face of the earth?
The madprofessor and fiction
It's about time to bring the heat back up on the madprofesso
Re-thinking Craps
Is Dice Influence all that real?
A word about Craps Coaches...
So is the Madprofessor a big loser?
Oh the life of a great fiction writer!
Yes,.... Being a loser does have it perks
I made a comment about the Madprofessor
Park Avenue memoir discovered to be full of lies
What happened to the Madprofessor?
Why Craps can't be beaten by Doppleganger on
You don't think the casinos are losing millions to the dice
Helping out the Madprofessor!
So you want to know what a pathological liar does when he ge
I found MP's slot machine
The Madprofessor should have a disclaimer
MP resurrects the poor, poor Deadcat
Here is one that hits home
Fiction the can do wonders for one's reputation
Say hello to Rick - who really isn't so super.
Don't say I didn't tell you so!
How can anybody that is a DI stay hiding behind a curtain fo
Fail proof methods
The Madprofessor is a menace to anybody that plays craps
Taking advice from a great fiction writer
Some of you may find this interesting
One more phone call that had me cracking up
The demise of DI as we know it
once again the Madprofessor has been caught
World Record Roll
The great fiction writer, The Madprofessor
Donít believe everything you see on reality TV
Youtube and the Madprofessor
The Short Bus ...
With gamblingís rise, the story of one manís downfall
Thong man returns as bikers descend on Port Dover
Everybody should read this if they are living in Lala land
Pathological liars
The Baloney Detection Kit
How to spot a liar
One day air junket trips
Is it a sign of desperation?
Old post made on the Diceinstitue
Face it, youíre a little too old to believe in fairy tales
Email from Station Casions - Las Vegas
Bigfoot tracker admits body is a hoax
Over on the Wizards board
Why Mad Professor and Heavy oppress Unbalanced Dice theory
Word ...
Just how much time does your so-called expert spent in Las V
I love to read fiction, the Madprofessor never disappoints
Gambling expert rips casino 'window dressing'
Locals know better
Over on the wizards board
Toronto finally knows the truth
Selling "AP" Craps Playing!
What a Pathological Liar!
MP's $204 across is one of the worst bet and its be proven
What changed for all the shooters out there?
Advantage Play in Craps, Fact or Fiction
The no real Di would be playing on a Friday or Saturday!
Well I didn't think you will ever see this link to this show
Pathological Liars, just in case you don't know what one is
They call it Bullshit guys!
The Down Falls of Reading Fiction
Fiction Writers being Schooled ...
The Inventor Of Crapless Craps
Doubling your bank roll!
Some times you bump into the nicest guys
Craps Fiction Writers
How many of us read BS on the craps boards everyday?
Who is Alan Krigman?
What's the story with the so-called random rollers?
Philippines set to open $1 billion casino-resort
The so-called experts on the game of craps!
Whatís does it take to become a DI?
The great fiction writer is behind the eight ball
Biased Unbalanced Dice -- where does Mad Professor hide now
The fire Bet Again.
Theres a reoccurring theme on Dice Institute.
How many of us have ever played craps in Canada?
Warning, Predatory Members of Social Networks and Forums
The Madprofessor does it again
Phone Calls You get
Testing, testing, testing, Bullshit!
Study: Fraud growing in scientific research papers
How good are you at math?
Let's Play PopCorn Craps.
Coming this fall
Truth versus fiction
So Madprofessor you want information
Videos about this new casino!
How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?
Craps in Macau
Heavyís Albuquerque seminar
Betting Systems Trade
The Bob Dancer Radio Show
Titanium baseball necklaces
Do Videos tell the whole story?
Let's talk about plagiarism!
Guest Writers
What a joke!!
I Love The Madprfessor
Lets get real!
The Madprofessor and his Avatar!
Will the real Madprofessor please stand up!
Has the Madprofessor Lost his Mind?
Fire and brimstone, and The Madprofessor!
Smoke and Mirrors
This is one of those post that I put on JP's board!
The Madprofessor's Frictional Trips To Vegas!
You got to Laugh about the Mad Professor!
The Madprofessor over the years...!!
Taking Lessons
The best the world has ever seen!
Some entertainment from our great fiction writer MP
The great fiction writer become a world traveler again..!
The Quest for easy money!
Debunking Fiction
Posters and Writers on other craps boards.
Out of touch the great fiction writer
Fiction is still just fiction!
Here is two posts that I put on JP's board about someone say
Did you ever stop and think about what some of our writers a
God like shooters or should I say fiction writers!
The Wizard of odds
Fiction Writers
Trip Reports or Blogs
What is a true skeptic?
The Captain
In the world of skeptics!
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