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Dearly Departed We Are Gathered Here
Cops: Only WE Can Have Sex With Prostitutes
Look Before You Leap
With Topgolf Las Vegas open for business, here’s how to play
The wide variance in casino heat
Why do most craps players fail at playing over the long term
Here is a list of all the fire bet tables
Here is a very good interview on two points
Let look at what really happens with the stupid $204 across!
Praticing Videos with the guys
I'm flying into Vegas what should I do?
Being Proactive when it comes to casino heat
Every time there is a different class in town
Scribe made this post in the casino thread it was moved here
Well I get a phone call this morning about Harley!
Now that MP's $204 across bet has been proven to suck!
One more interview with Superhost Steve Cyr!
The worst playing condition you will ever find!
How to get out of a losing streak
The BS they sell about becoming a DI!
An interview with David Medansky
Casino trip report after three and a haft hours of class
1 in 1331 chance to hit 3 hard eights with no easy
Coming to a store near you!
Comp's,.. How Do They Figure Into Your Game?
Let's Revisit Betting the 4's and 10's
How good are you at math?
You never know what to expect at a craps table
The $204 across, here we go again!
A-P dice-influencing
One of the best lines I ever read about craps!
Playing on full tables.
Comps aren't what they use to be!
Rio roulette wheel reportedly hits seven straight 19s
The worst things you can do at a craps table.
Place Betting-methods
PopCorn Craps
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Heavy's Albuquerque Seminar
Do your dice stay on axis?
The Short-Term!
South Point owner Michael Gaughan’s take on ‘Vegas Stripped’
The hardest thing to control on a craps table!
Negative Attitudes
In Canada, a cautionary casino tale, Revenues are down
Coupons Free play and Comps
Sex-sting: Pro golfer, teacher, students among 40 arrested
Can So-called Random Rollers Make you Money?
Casinos Should Love DI's
$632 for a room?
Harley Horn
The Sugar House Casino
Vegas in the off hours of play !
No Roll Called
Last Friday Night While Playing At A Local Casino!
Trends,Streaks, or What Ever You Want To Call Them! On JP's
Trends,..Streaks, or What Ever You Want To Call Them!
Ax to Grind, way!
Bad Dice and The Don't
The Downside Of Not Practicing
Once Bitten, Twice Shy!
Just one more day of not playing craps on the weekend!
What you can do in Vegas besides playing craps!
Barrett-Jackson classic car auctions from Las Vegas.
The Blackberry and other fiction!!!
How the weather effects playing craps.
I Love The Madprfessor
New board! This is important to all non members!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Madprofessor and his Avatar!
Conquering Casino Craps
Hours Played in casino!
Did you ever stop and think about what some of our writers a
The Crossed Sixes Set
Will the real Madprofessor please stand up!
Has the Madprofessor Lost his Mind?
Fire and brimstone, and The Madprofessor!
Smoke and Mirrors
Wake Up Crap Shooters By Charles C. Westcott 2006
Players from hel
The Madprofessor's Fiction, and name calling!
Betting on other players
The Madprofessor's Frictional Trips To Vegas!
Different Market for the casinos!
In search of blackjack nirvana in West Wendover
Playing Tired!
You got to Laugh about the Mad Professor!
Table Characteristics
Our great fiction writer the Madprofessor...!!!!
Playing the field!!!!!!!!
Taking Lessons
The best the world has ever seen!
I Hate Locals
This is a post I put on a different board, about betting on
The great fiction writer become a world traveler again..!
Betting on the points that are being made.
Please Tell Me They Won't Cheat,
Betting on other shooters
So you want to prove you're a DI..! (Why?)
The quest for easy money
Debunking Fiction
Congratulation, and welcome to the real world of craps!
Resale home market making a comeback so far this year
Playing Craps In Fla.
Primm and around town
What do you consider the worst bet on the craps table?
So-Call Free Odds
Dice Sets for the 4 and 10 using an on axis shot!
Posters and Writers on other craps boards.
Out of touch the great fiction
This is a post about fiction writers that I posted on a diff
The Short Bus Crew
What do you need to win?
Fiction is still just fiction!
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