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Nevada deemed one of worst states to raise a family
Playing Bubble Craps
I got the madprofessor banned over on the Wizards board!
Beting the pass line
How do you spell stupid?
Casinos will never cheat
Well, today someone sent me this part of a post on a differe
Here is a thread that I got into by going to NY
GTC's 20 Commandments ...
This is a must read
How DI schools use propaganda
I made a comment about the Madprofessor
The casino doesn't have to cheat
I thought that you guys would get a good laugh out of this
Dice Tracking/charting is NOT ADVANTAGE PLAY
Prop Bets
The Passing of Walt Diem
Vegas Casino WiFi ....
superrick-vs-the-madprofessor on the green board
Caesars/Harrah in AC new RESORT FEE
There is nothing due in the game of craps
Using you players card
number of tosses
Casino Sweat Joints
On-Axis and Double pitch is a Myth ...
How to explain your dice do not stay on axis
Proving there are DI's
The After Glow
So you want to be a DI
Over on the Wizards board dicesetter thinks he found the key
Dice Control on other boards
Veteran's Day Craps Reveille Trip Reports Go Here
Some of you may find this interesting
Biased Dice - Not all dice are created equal
The back wall
WHAT I Saw About Superrick
MGM sells historic Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino
We all have seen it
Betting on sister numbers.
The Nevada Craps Rules,....None
Trip reports and the rest of the story
Some times trip reports are really funny!
sweat Joints
Learn the Dice Properties from Linaway....made huge ROI.
This thread might interest some of you guys
Lousy craps dealers do exist- warning signs
SugarHouse dealer invents easier game of craps
Kind of a ridiculous statement
You have to realize that the five count is nothing more then
Do you really know how good you are at shooting the dice?
Phil Ivey sued for edge sorting at Borgata
Over on the Wizards board, Frank Scoblete
The random shooters and the DI's so-call SRR
Over on
So you think that comp didn't cost you anything
Over on the Wizards Board
Keep guns locked away from Children and Liberals!!!
Biased Dice -
Grateful - Posted at Little Joe Craps Forum
Free Biased Dice Presentation ....
The p-value or standard deviation should be thrown out th
Over on the wizards board
Here is an interesting thread on Rat-Holing Chips
Word ....
The smartest player at the table is the guy that is betting
Every game in the Casino is rigged ...
The Short Run
The stupid Five Count
Gaming Commissions preserving the Integrity of the Game !!!
Here is a thread that is over on the Wizards Board
Why don't you try it and report back how much you lost
Classes that come to Vegas!
Some players don’t get it!
Trip reports on other boards
The so-called experts, on bad dice
Golden Nugget is Golden !!!
Stupid is as Stupid Does!
Little Joe saves the day!
“My Best Advice”
CasinoBoss answers questions ...
DeadCat & Irish get their jealous panties all in a wad .
Are these guys controlled shooters
Claims to fame
Betting on the 12
Wynn dice -
Tipping ...
Now I hate to see trip reports on any board, "BUT"
Golden Touch Craps - too many 6/1s
Just like Ahigh some of us guys have one or two tables
This is an on going thread, where Ahigh is trying to prove
Everybody what's something for nothing!
The Casinos of Laughlin, NV
There is a big misconception
Unbalanced Dice - GTC
Unbalanced Dice - CrapsForum
Unbalanced Dice - The Wizard of Vegas
Golden Touch Craps - Most Receptive Casinos
This thread was started by PerryB from Montreal, Quebec, Can
What playing by the math of the game will get you
Golden Touch Craps - Unbalanced Dice
Golden Touch Craps - Cold and Bloodless Games
This was a post responding to a post about Delaware Park
Mechanical throwing machine
Here is a post that I put on the Wizards board
Posted on Wizard of Vegas
Heavy, I must say I just love your propaganda
Re: AC - Trip report
Re: AC - Trip report
House of Orange
Testing, Testing, Testing! on JP's board
Do Your dice stay on axis, just three more video that prove
More Slow Motion Dice on the Craps Table
I have a thread over on JP's board going about the SRR
does your dice stay on axis
Come Bet Plus
Post on JP's board about MP
Playing the field and charting for field numbers
Casino Comps
Here is a post that I put on the Littlejoecraps Board
Canada Casinos
The pass-line bet once again!
Can Superstition Be An Advantage?
Table Trends do you bet on them?
Here is a new post I put on JP's board!
Advantage Play in Craps
What is the best indicater of good roll? As posted on JP's b
The Madprofessor's Fiction, and name calling!
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