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Everybody Needs a Good Laugh
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Funniest Story Ever
The right definition for a sense of humor:
Way too funny if you ask me!
Man's Best Friend
My friend Tom
Someone asked me if I believed in luck
you got to love attorney jokes
Well everybody knows that Dave is nothing but a laugh!
Hilary's Delete It
Diet or Divorce
Funny how some can't write their own speeches
Foreign Doctors
Leave it up to a blonde
Well, I thought that I would give everybody a good laugh
the government official.
Art Collection
Mans best friend?
Maxine on terrorists
And Bill said
Craps site junkies
See what practice will do for you
See what practice will do for you
A guide to meditation
These should get a few laughs out of you guys
Affordable Security for Seniors on a Fixed Income
Dental Surgery
You guys should get a good laugh out of this one
Look what happens when we cut down too many trees
Breakfast of Champions
On the lighter side of things
The last fling!
New iGun 4
Different Ways of Looking at Things
2015 Super Bowl Ring
Afghanistan Terrorist School
These mugshots will give you a good laugh
The universal hot crazy matrix
How to start a fight
Beware of spell check..,
Lawyers and Blondes
Getting old...
Warning about eBay...
2014 Smart Assed Answers
One more game for MP to write about
Like Texas Holdem.....ALL IN
You can retire to Phoenix
What to do in case of a bank error
Senior trying to set a password
Why Ethel Changed Motels
Joke - Bad Karma Flowing
Fishing ...
clean fun with old time politicians
Grand Opportunity
My Magic Hat...
First ObamaCare patient ...
What's The Spleen Do?
What does the Fox say
If you’re an old fart!
Because it's better than crying ....
Pranks ...
Who does this remind you of ...
how to dance in the rain By:R
ALERT!!! BE CAREFUL There Is A Scam Going On!!!
TV Funnies ...
Interview between Zach Galifianakis and ...
Bazinga ...
It takes so little to amuse us old folks
If you scratch my back ...
DeadCat ...
Nice Horsey ...
Birthday wish ...
Saying I learned from our friends south of the border ...
Laugh At This Mess
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