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For all of you bleeding hearts out there
Not the place that you want to live
More Slow Motion Dice on the Craps Table
Did you ever wonder
Labeling Others
Admitting you have a problem
Why dealers and boxmen hate you!
Look Before You Leap
The Math of the game
Donít believe the wipe hype!
Rats that tend to gamble help reveal science of risk
Has anybody seen the madprofessor?
What do you do if your a great fiction writer
The great fiction writer the madprofessor
Casino whistle blower gets fired over bad dice!
Are players going back to the table game?
Here in Vegas July 25th and 26th
Don't get caught with your pants down
Thinking about buying a used car
Heavy's Hobby is a Fraud ...
What you get when you seek advise from a Craps Hobbyist ...
Howard Rock n' Roller dropped from another Affiliation ...
Fiction writers on the game of craps and becoming a DI
One more very good site that you may want to try
Isn't being a pathological liar just like a Ponzi scheme
MP has been photographed ...
U.S. Little League champs lose title for cheating
Prop Wagers and the Super Bowl
On axis dice control is just BS!
Yes you can be a After Glow winner
Mad Professor Playing Craps ...
Craps - You're Doing It Wrong ...
"You're Hurting My Head" - Heavy
Just how many DI's do you think that there are in north Amer
3 Blind Mice - Irishsetter, Heavy and Mad Professor ...
Learning to read a table.
Do casinos cheat?
SLS helping keep north Strip from going belly-up!
The ATS bet
It's about time that casinos realize why they have players
Can you fill a DIs shoes?
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