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Book Review
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My FREE book
Just ordered these books via Amazon
While in Vegas it always pays to go to our libraries!
Anybody that plays craps should have a library on the subjec
What author influenced you and the game you play at the crap
The Reason I Jump By Naoki Higashida
Comp City, A Guide to Free Casino Vacations by Max Rubin
50 Years A The Craps Tables
Inner Vegas
The Craps Underground By Frank Scoblete
Casino Operations Management By Jim Kilby and Jim Fox
Casino Supervision A Basic Guide
Craps Dealer Instruction Manual
Double or Nothing
Casino Gaming Methods: Games, Probabilities, and Controls
A Scientific Study of Dice Control: Rolling Thunder
Dummy Up And Deal
Casino Surveillance The Eye That Never Blinks
Craps for the Clueless;.. By John Patick Copyright 1998
Commando Craps & Blankjack! By John Gollehon Copyright 2
Dice Illustrated By Thomas Michaels Copyrighted 2001
Wholly Craps! Insider Secrets to Consistently Win at Craps
Casino Management “A Strategic Approach” by Kathryn Hashimo
The Professional Gambler's Handbook
How to Make Your Living playing Craps
The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps
Gamble To Win Craps
The Craps Coach
Winning Casino Craps By Edwin Silberstang
CRAPS STRATECY How to Play to Win at Casino Craps
Beat The Craps Tables by Marten Jensen Copyright 2003
, All About CRAPS by John Gollehon Copyright 1985
Used books on craps.
Walk Away Craps
Whale Hunt In the Desert
The Gaming Industry: Introduction and Perspectives
Feng Shui Craps, and Superstitions
Casino-Ology by Bill Zender The Art of Managing Casino Games
EXTRA STUFF Gambling Ramblings By Peter Griffin
Beat The Players By Bob Nersesian Copyright 2006
Scarne on dice
Conquering Casino Craps
Two Overlooked Books: Zeke Feinberg and Yuri [Kononenko]
Wake Up Crap Shooters By Charles C. Westcott 2006
John Patrick's Craps
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