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  Post So is the madprofessot a live or dead? - Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 8:44 am  Reply with quote  

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So is the madprofessot alive or dead? Or is he just laying low to pop up one day and say you see superrick is full of shit!

Well, it simply doesn't matter the sad thing is I've always thought that he was a great fiction writer that didn't play craps. The sad thing is that nobody will ever know who he or she was and his board will die when no one can sign up on the board. Why back when Charlie009 had the board all to himself it was the best one out there.

The guys that posted there all told the truth, they all had their bad days and then they would win. I played craps with Charlie009 when he was in Vegas and had many interesting conversations with him.
He knew that you could not control the dice, that you may get lucky and have better rolls.

Sure he wrote a few books on dice control but knew at the same time that he couldn't win all of the time. That what a lot were reading on other boards was nothing but fiction. Then he lost control of his own board when somehow Deadcat talked him into giving him half of the board so he could run it for  Charlie009! Then it really started to get interesting along comes the madprofessor and you started to see nothing but fiction posted by the great fiction writer.

Charlie009, would pop in every once in a while and that was about it, during those times, I had a few conversations with Charlie009 about the madprofessor. He never met the madprofessor and knew that he was writing fiction, but didn't have the willpower to do anything about it. Deadcat was running the board and Charlie009 was sick.

When Deadcat had to get out of Vegas the Madprofessor ended up with his share of the board.
Deadcat was now out of the picture and Charlie009 was too sick to do anything about it!

So now we have our great fiction writer not posting on any of the DI boards, and our question is what happened to him as I said before is he just laying low or is he too sick to post anything, could it be that he pass away, well I hope not some of the stuff he posted was really funny if you played craps all of the time!

All I can say is time will tell, if nobody can become a new member on his board what will happen to it, maybe if he is still alive he should send me the password  to keep it alive!

Note,   all my post start with this is just my opinion...!
You do good Brah.!

Winning comes from knowledge and skill when you're betting and not reading fiction from the Madprofessor!

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