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  Post Undrestanting your gambling - Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:07 am  Reply with quote  

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If you live in a city that was built on gambling you get a real eye opening as to what happens in casinos. If you worked around them and had access to everybody that works in casinos you begin to understand how they work and the effects they have on players!

I had a unique opportunity to see first-hand what was happening in them. I got to go into the eye in the sky and talk to those that ran them. I got to sit down and eat in their EDR's which is their employee dining rooms and talk to the dealers and suits on their own level. Let me tell you something right now they all hated the players!

You are not their friends, no you are just the suckers that they need to put food on their tables and they don't respect you!

Luckily most of us play craps which you can win at if you use your brains and don't get caught up in the gambling part of it. By that, I mean that you have to have some type of plan and stick to it. If you win even a small amount and things start going down hill you have to leave!

The green board is a prime example of players that don't have a clue and must get into the trancelike state that they are writing about in the article below. Bubble craps machines are nothing more than a slot machine that can captivate the players. That is why you will see them there for hours on end playing low limit bubble craps!


Both experienced and inexperienced players who were most at risk of problem gambling were more deeply immersed in the gambling experience, losing track of time and entering trance-like states.

The findings are at odds with the traditional notion that problem gamblers crave excitement and the thrill of winning, said senior author Luke Clark, director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC.

Note,   all my post start with this is just my opinion...!
You do good Brah.!

Winning comes from knowledge and skill when you're betting and not reading fiction from the Madprofessor!

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