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  Post Trump's, address to a joint session of Congress - Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:54 am  Reply with quote  

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Trump's, address to a joint session of Congress was despicable, to say the least. I made the mistake of turning on the TV last night when it was on and what I witnessed was what is wrong with our country. You had the congress sitting there on divide side of the room and when Trump, made a statement one side would stand up and there was applause, where the other side would just sit there!

A country divided will never get anywhere and that is what we have in congress. It's not for the people it's for the politicians that are going to come out of office all millionaires!

I don't care who you voted for nor am I going to tell you who I voted for.  Trump, has made statements that I didn't like and are against but the only way to get things done is for everybody to work together. We have seen a complete failure of our political system for the past eight years and something has to be done to fix it, is all I'm saying!

What happened last night with Trump's speech never should have happened these are elected officials that should be working for you and me.

So there you have it my once in a lifetime standing on a soapbox telling everybody what I saw last night!  One of the things he said last night struck a nerve and that is education because Nevada has the worst schools in the nation.

Trump, described the low quality of public education as “the civil rights issue of our time,” and he called for legislation to fund “school choice for disadvantaged youth,” meaning that some students would receive vouchers they could use to pay tuition at private schools. But he did not define which students should get such vouchers, nor what would be done for the students left in public schools.

There are a lot of very bright children that will never stand a chance if something is not done with our education system. The no kid left behind was the worst thing that ever happened to our school's systems the other thing is doing nothing but teaching how to pass a test. we also have to look at common core math and get rid of it.


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