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Here we stand at the table and the knuckles on our hands appear like
mountain peaks. Many of us used our hands during life as hammers or
other kind of tools. Now we pay for the abuse.

In some instances it's painful to reach into the table tub to pick up the
dice. Once there, you squirm trying to get the dice in your grip only to
drop them. Nerve ends are shot as well as the joints. Then when a grip
is finally established, your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints scream out
in pain.

Not to worry, there are ways to overcome our age oriented problems. It's
really quite simple. Even the computer that we perch our hat on, the one
resting on our shoulders, has the answers. Just like in life, we used our
knowledge to find solutions to problems. Now we get to do it again.

Dice properties are the solution. Anything, everything having to do with
presets and outcomes are contained within the realm of dice properties.
All we have to do is get the DICE RULES disk and it will do a number of
things for you.

Most of all, it will show you special articles that deal with dice outcome
results. All you have to do is create your new shooting quirks, pick the
Axial Array suggested in the articles, then the preset, then let the good
times roll again.

Oh but we're not done yet. It is an established fact that many casinos
now use unbalanced dice. I read about problems in other parts of the
country, but I have first hand experience and knowledge of what our
local joint is doing. I even send dice to those that can't get cancelled
dice so they too can see what is going on and learn how to deal with it.
In actual toss results and doing a caliper check shows the dice are bad.

Again our age has forced us to become more knowledgeable about dice.
Yet the same articles using tables we've designed to give you dice sets
come to your aid again.  In addition to graphics showing you what a set
at outcome using our rotational tests produce, you have on paper,
through mechanics of dice, come up with the formula of what to expect
at outcome.

You will have the simple math, the mechanics and the results. Remember
the example I gave the board titled "A Stick of Red" in the thread page
1 of "A Phone Call Away" and this address.

In 36 rolls using dice from this stick of red where a die was 4 heavy, 5
heavy and 6's heavy. I mixed this lot and shot 4 rolls of 9 each with
outstanding results. What we did was the simple math of probability,
eyeballed the charts and tables on DICE RULES CD and then we did the
challenge knowing what the expected values at outcome might be.

On a recent craps trip, we reported what dice knowledge did for us.
What actually occurred. My son and I both had 3 turns at the dice where
lots of trash, then PSO took place. On my son's third try of known presets,
he was successful. When I got the dice, the same set was used and I like
him had a very nice turn at the dice. An additional 3 more turns each
using the same dice set produced very nice results. The EV for the set is
what we got.

This is how we use our practice table. We use our dice property knowledge
to see how dice will behave in general based on our math, mechanics and
what EV will be. Then we take this information to the live tables. It pays

Recently Superrick reported on FB where a similar incident took place until
a flea screwed it all up. I even wrote a hate and discontent post about it
as well. This happens all the time. Table etiquette is terrible. I call these
fleas FREE LOADERS. They know nothing, cannot do nothing but leach off
what others can do.

While I'm talking dice property knowledge, I would be remiss if I didn't
plug our ALL IN ONE CD. This rescal with the huge volume of information
gives you the foundation you need to build your dice house on. Without
dice property knowledge, you might as well just hand your wallet to the
attendants at the casino door, then go home. Going anywhere to gamble
in the casino is futile without knowledge of the game you seek. Knowledge
helps level the playing field. Takes back part of the advantage the casinos
have over us.

Linaway and Son

It All Begins and Ends With The Dice.
Wizards of Kansas
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