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Better Dice Performance

A comment we read or hear about frequently.

A wannabe shooter consistently complains about their dice shooting.
They claim practices are frequent for long periods of time yet the
result ends in failure.

Some have no observers to help at home. Some have the Target Zone
Detector but still have bad results. We’ve talked about this in many of
our posts. Our answer to it all. Your shooting expertise is only halfway
practiced by a targeted zone only. Inconsistent launches are not dealt

A trilogy that will guide you to better success. Reason why is your
consistency. Follow this trilogy and watch better results occur.

1…..table dynamics
2…..dice dynamics
3…..shooter dynamics
Fail one or more of these and you’re doomed to failure.

To enhance your trio to success,  long ago we developed electronic
devices to act the part of observers. Our Launch Detector and Target
Zone Detector. Feedback from our equipment users claimed before the
tools, their hitting the targeted zone with what was thought to be a
proper launch was 40% or less. After tool acquisition, the feedback
reported a 25% or more increase of probable desired results  

Launch Detector helps you hone your launch skills by making you aware
of your point of release being the same every time.

Target Zone Detector helps you hone your targeting skills by making you
aware of your targeted strike skills. Your target area via the sensor pad is
a bit over 9 square inches.

Launch Detector aids your maintaining the same point of release properly
which will establish the energy and trajectory you need to strike the
sensor pad every time giving you superior results.

This equipment, maintaining the trilogy, using appropriate presets to
achieve your outcome intent will give you the optimum results you seek
for your degree of shooting skills.

Thanks to our board administrator, Superrick, here is a video done during
a recent ACA scenario where the Launch Detector and Target Zone
Detector was demonstrated.

The launch begins a probable outcome while the targeted area hones the
end results!

Linaway and Son   Idea  Cool

It All Begins and Ends With The Dice.
Wizards of Kansas
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